Bonalto is the result of the integration and synergy of experts in the 6 pillars of online marketing.


Operational and Commercial Strategy

  • We analyze brands and products to create commercial strategies with a digital focus
  • We create operational processes from scratch and according to the client's needs
  • We execute operational actions
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  • We increase your revenue
  • We position ourselves as the direct and sole contact within the buying-selling process
  • We coordinate the different entities involved in the commercial process to drive the strategy and achieve the goals
  • We work towards fulfilling your KPIs


Marketplace Management

  • We create order management systems and metrics
  • We handle product launches and activations, ensuring successful listings
  • We perform bulk product uploads
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  • We implement promotions and strategies to boost your sales
  • We implement Business & Market Intelligence for decision-making
  • We create and build positive reputations on Marketplaces
  • We negotiate with Marketplace executives using omnichannel methodology
  • We drive sales through Key Account Managers


Warehousing, Picking & Packing

  • We have dedicated or shared storage space
  • We manage inventory control
  • We design product packaging for proper shipment
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  • We assemble packages
  • We ensure product safety with high-grade protective materials
  • We coordinate and schedule product delivery appointments at the Marketplaces' Distribution Centers


Logistics Management

  • We have a logistics operator aggregator for product shipments to all parts of Mexico (Paket)
  • We track orders
  • We manage the follow-up of incidents with courier services
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  • We guarantee the security and proper shipment of products
  • We manage the return process and compensation


Customer Service

  • We provide direct customer support via phone, chat, and/or email
  • We provide timely information to customers regarding the shipment of their products
  • We focus on meeting and improving delivery and order times
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  • We provide solutions to incidents
  • We follow up on the reverse logistics process


Fraud Prevention

  • We manually review orders with a high potential for fraud
  • We have specific rules for approving, holding, or rejecting orders
  • We manage the request for documents to ensure the legitimacy of the purchase
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  • We handle chargebacks with banking institutions to clarify transactions classified as fraudulent.


  • We increase sales by over 70% with our strategies.
  • We are a TOP SELLER ACCOUNT with special benefits on various Marketplaces.
  • We are pioneers in e-commerce with over 10 years of experience in online sales management.
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